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Volvo decided to go the Electric way

Volvo decided to go the Electric way Volvo made a major announcement about their future, by 2019 every model will have a hybrid and electric model. Not only that they are pushing to go all electric as well. Volvo is trying to transform their entire range into electric or hybrid. Volvo is trying to phase out the cars that are solely powered by internal combustion engine. Volvo is also planning to launch 5 new electric cars between 2019 and 2021. This […]

Volvo Polestar new future

Volvo Polestar new future Volvo Polestar is acquired by the principal company in 2015. Before 2015 Polestar is known for making performance oriented Volvo and even racing Volvos. But as of right now it is expected that XC60 will be the first one in line. The car is set to make its first appearance by later this year. Volvo is quite motivated to make Polestar as a maker of solely electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It will be quite exciting […]

Polestar treatment for Volvo XC90

Polestar treatment for Volvo XC90   Polestar, Volvo’s high performance sub-brand, is preparing to launch a highly tuned version of the company’s new four-cylinder petrol engine. The new powerplant will have at least 350bhp and will replace the turbocharged straight six currently used in the S60 and V60 Polestar, according to Niels Möller, Polestar’s chief operating officer.   The brand is also likely to launch a high-performance hybrid and is considering a hot version of Volvo’s highly successful Volvo XC90. […]

Volvo Plug in hybrid to rival Tesla

Volvo Plug in hybrid to rival Tesla   Volvo says it will launch a plug in hybrid version of every model in its range over the next five years or so, saying it believes the financial case for plug in hybrids “ is now almost positive”. The historic move follows improvements in battery technology, falling costs and wider public acceptance of electric cars . In the latest direct challenge to Tesla, Volvo says it intends to have its own mid […]

All Electric Volvo to target Tesla

All Electric Volvo to target Tesla   Volvo will have full range of plug in vehicles by 2020, led in 2019 by an all-electric, Tesla-rivalling S60-sized car. The new car will sit on Volvo’s Scalable Product Arcitecture (SPA). This underpins the new XC90 and forthcoming S90 and was designed from the start for full electric power as well as plug-in hybrids.   The new model is expected to be pitched head to head with Tesla’s Model 3, which is due […]

New small Volvos to join Volvo Family

New small Volvos to join Volvo Family Work on a new family of baby Volvos is under way following the opening of the new China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) operation in Sweden. It describes itself as an “engineering and development centre for future C-segment cars, addressing the needs of Volvo Cars and Geely Auto”. Based in Gothenburg, CEVT is owned by Volvo’s parent company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.   The CEO of the new company is Mats Fagerhag, who was […]