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Most extreme McLaren coming soon.

Most extreme McLaren coming soon. McLaren will be launching the most extreme road legal car in its entire history. According to rumours, the new car will be able to outperform P1 GTR while still being road legal. McLaren, as usual, denies the reports of any such cars. The new car will be the second car from the British automaker’s ultimate series. The car is suspected to be given a project name P15. The motivation and inspiration for the new car […]

All you need to know -McLaren 720S

All you need to know -McLaren 720S McLaren is one of the young and establishes companies in the supercar market. McLaren has a car in sports series, super series and hyper series as well. McLaren 540C is actually one of the fastest selling cars in its segment. McLaren 720S is now representing McLaren in the sports series and is the successor to 650S. McLaren 720S is much faster and agile than 650S. This is due to lightweight carbonfibre chassis and […]

No cheaper McLaren than McLaren 540C ?

No cheaper McLaren than McLaren 540C ?   McLaren 540C and 570 S will remain the opening line up of McLaren cars. McLaren is hoping to attract larger customer base with their entry level car line up. McLaren has ruled out the idea of making more affordable model to rival where Porsche Cayman reigns. McLaren chief designer Robert Melville said that a Cayman rival us a step too far which is not that exclusive for the McLaren. He continued stating […]

McLaren Lines up Sport series

McLaren Lines up Sport series     McLaren has announced UK pricing for the first of its new Sports Series models and revealed that the 570S will be joined by a cheaper, less powerful 540C (for Club) variant. The 570S, on sale from October, will start at £143,250, while the 540C will be £126,000 when it goes on sale next March. McLaren Automotive boss Mike Flewitt said of the 540C: “We want to make this car as attainable as we […]