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More Power and range for BMW i8

More Power and range for BMW i8



The next gen facelifted BMW i8 is all set to be in showrooms in UK by the end of 2017. The new car will be more powerful than its predecessor with longer range. There will also be some tweaks in its chassis. The new car will also feature inductive charging option. The new car will be using all new Petrol-electric drivetrain. It is the same drivetrain that is being fitted in the security car based on i8 used in formula E.

Read about world’s first electric van

Not much gossips and news about the revised i8 is out right now, BMW is doing a great job of keeping this matter close to its chest. But one thing is definitely clear that the contribution of power by electric motor will definitely be more than 130bhp. The new car will have more than 10% boost than the current car. It is expected that the total power output of this revamped car will be around 420bhp. Current BMQ i8 has a top speed of limited 155mph and can sprint 0-62mph in just 4.4sec. It is clear that they will be improving their performance the 6-speed gearbox software is remapped too, to achieve their goals.


These are some of the tweaks to enhance the current cars performance but the new car will be getting a revised battery pack. That will be very helpful in increasing its range as well. The new battery with improved energy density properties will be first seen in the i3 that will be revealed at Paris motor show in September this year. The i8 used as the safety car in formula E employs a 7.1kWh unit but it is rumoured that the production version will be getting a 10kWh unit. The car will be also employing lightweight materials in its production which also constitutes to improved performance and longer range.

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