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The all new Aston martin DB11

The all new Aston martin DB11


aston-martin-db11-front-angle-view-2Aston Martin DB11 will be a replacement for DB9 and thus carries a huge responsibility. Not because it has to fill in the DB9 shoes but also because DB11 will be beginning a new era for Aston Martin. Aston Martin DB11 is the first of many upcoming cars that will be launched under the supervision of new boss, new engineering team and completely new goals.




aston-martin-db11-front-viewAston Martin will be featuring the all-new twin-turbo V12. This is a new territory and might give a new character to their car. Whether this will be a good or bad only time will tell. Aston martin Vulcan and DB11 are marking an end to the naturally aspirated V12 engines. Engineers at Aston Martin claim that it is very hard to figure that DB11 is turbocharged. Most of the drivers would not recognise that Aston Martin DB11 is a turbocharged until they are told it is. The engine sound at start up the instant throttle response absolutely no turbo lag. But with the turbocharged engine, it is now cleaner, smoother, refined and faster.


aston-martin-db11-interior-2Aston Martin DB11 is a touring car though it is packing  600 bhp and weighs just 1800kgs. It is fast no doubt but at the same time it is not that scary rapid. This constitutes to its chassis, gearbox, traction control system and engine. Engineers at Aston Martin focused on the brakes of DB11, they claim that they will not wear out if they are used continuously. This is the same issue that has bother the previous Aston Martin Customers. There is minimal body roll. With Aston Martin DB11 Aston is wandering in uncharted territory there is electric steering for the first time. Yet at £155,000 it sounds like a great deal.


Aston Martin DB11 specifications


Price £155,000
Engine 5.2-litre V12 twin turbo
Power 600bhp
Torque 700lb ft
Gearbox 8-Speed automatic
Kerb Weight 1800kg
0-62mph 3.9sec
Top speed 200mph

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