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BMW M4 GTS –Pure Fun

BMW M4 GTS –Pure Fun


BMW M4 is a damn good car, it looks great, sounds good, drives fantastic. A great car to have fun, with BMW M4 GTS it is just pure fun. Every aspect of the M4 you like, you are going to love M4 GTS for the same reason. The exhaust sound, the re-tweaked chassis and its styling will blow you mind. Though BMW M4 GTS is not a production model it is a limited edition car. There will only be 700 made and only 30 will be available in the UK. GTS is lighter than the M4 too. The titanium exhaust fitted in the M4 GTS saves about 7kgs and for purely fun purposes it louder than before, more heavy on the bass side. It is like you want to rev the engine just to hear the exhaust note.


At the heart of the GTS is the tweaked version of the same 3.0litre straight-six engine. The same engine is employed in M4 too. But in GTS, it is producing 493bhp instead of 425bhp. This is achieved by the same water injection technology that can also be seen in MotoGP M4 safety car. All this system does is it keeps the intake temperature lower which in turn allows high boost pressure and producing more power just by spraying water into the air chamber.


With all these tweakings the car now can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 3.8secs. The car tops out at 190mph with some soft profile tyres the traction is also improved. The M4 GTS is basically a hardcore track version of M4 with the tweaked up engine, revised dampers, springs and chassis. Even the antiroll bars are specially designed for the M4 GTS. This improves the body roll a lot increasing the handling of the car. GTS is also fitted with carbon-ceramic brakes that allow fade free braking experience.


BMW M4 GTS Specifications


Price £121,780
Engine 3.0-litre 6-cylinder turbo
Power 493bhp
Torque 600Nm
Gearbox 7-spd dual-clutch automatic
Kerb Weight 1400 Kg
0-62mph 3.8secs
Top speed 190 mph
Mileage 34.0 mpg

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