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Audi A8 family takes on S-Class family

Audi A8 family takes on S-Class family

Audi A8 L extended, Audi A8 L extended front angle view, Audi A8 L extended wallpapers

Audi A8 L extended

The range of S-Class vehicles available right now in the market would soon be competing with the Audi A8 family. S-Class right now is available long wheelbase version, Pullman, coupes both two and four door version. Audi is planning to give Mercedes a run for its money in every form factor. As of right now if you are buying Audi A8 it is available in just two body styles normal and an extended one.


As of right now the only cars in S-Class family facing competition from A8 family are S-Class, Maybach and Pullman. Audi’s technical boss has indicated about the more body-styles of Audi A8. After the success received by the whole S-Class family, it is a great direction to head into for A8. Audi has also unveiled six seat Audi A8 Limousine, but that is just one car. It is a unique creation made after the request of a customer.

Audi S8 Plus, Audi S8 Plus wallpapers

Audi S8 Plus

It is rumoured that the upcoming cars will be fitted with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standardised level 3 automation. It allows the driver to remove hands from the steering wheels and for a longer period of time. But the regulation restricts any car’s automatic steering above 6mph. But Audi is not that concerned about that regulation that much. They really believe that by the time next-gen Audi A8 rolls out it will work out for Audi’s stage 3 Automation.

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